More Than Tea

  • Non-GMO

    We stay away from anything unnatural. We are using mother natures finest. 

  • Real Honey

    Sweetened with high quality clover honey, not artificial corn syrup. We support our favorite pollinators.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    We aren't just tea, we also plant oxygen giving teak trees in Costa Rica. Reduce your carbon footprint with every sip! 

  • Lightly Caffeinated

    With just a touch of caffeine, our tea gives you the boost of energy you need. No jitters, no problem.

We are more than just tea.

We are a tea that breathes life to a changing world. Your support of Teak Tea will help us plant more teak trees.

We are a tea that envisions a better tomorrow.

Teak Trees

A tree that pulls more carbon from the atmosphere than almost all others. Your support goes to planting more of these. 

Teak Times

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