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My parents purchased over 50 acres of land in Central Costa Rica over 20 years ago. This land had been deforested of the original rainforest to make way for cattle and cash crops. My parent's dream was to grow teak trees in a sustainable plantation, forming new habitats for wildlife and reducing their own carbon footprint. 
23 years later the land is covered in thousands of mature teak trees and as some of them are harvest, new ones are continuously planted, repeating the growth cycles and taking carbon from the air as they grow.
I wanted to follow in my family's footsteps as I believe that business is more than just making money. Business demands to be socially responsible and to save this beautiful planet for future generations, for whom we are holding it in trust.
And thus a portion of our profits will be used to plant trees and eventually we will reach our goal of planting one million trees.
And you are doing your part; every can of Teak Tea you drink will reduce your carbon footprint and make our world a better, cleaner place.
Thank you for your support
Hayden Michael
Founder, Teak Tea, Inc.